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Necromancy heavily overpowered?

Posted: Sat Jan 25, 2014 11:34 am
by Matzestinkt
Hello everybody,
I'm not too experienced in multiplayer SpellForce since I only have one single opponent, but I need help with this balance issue.
Let's assume that 2 lvl 50 avatars fight 1vs1, one of them has black magic/necromancy on level 20, the other doesn't. The necromancer produces 20 workers, kills them all at once, then uses the 'animate dead' spell (or however it's called in English) on their corpses, which works 6 or 7 times before they disappear. So he gets 120 skeletons, goes straight to his opponent's monument and destroys it, thus also killing the other player's workers and maybe the avatar.
-the skeletons summoned this way are not affected by the damage that's usually dealt over time to all units near an enemy's monument in the early game.
-other than other summoned units, those skeletons do not deplete mana, they can be controlled freely like regular units and they survive if the necromancer dies.
-being able to raise multiple skeletons from each corpse also seems like a bug.

I observed these problems in the CD version. Has there been any update that fixed at least one of those issues? Or am I just not good enough to defend against 120 skeletons (+ maybe an avatar) attacking in the first few minutes of the game? Cause I don't know how to deal with that strategy, except by playing with necromancy lvl 20 all the time.

Re: Necromancy heavliy overpowered?

Posted: Sat Jan 25, 2014 12:05 pm
by rupuzioks
I think your avatar should be able to defend against them, since they should be very weak against 50 lvl avatar

maybe your avatar is not capable to do it (wrong chosen skills, wrong gear), but I guess it's choice of player

Re: Necromancy heavliy overpowered?

Posted: Sat Jan 25, 2014 12:27 pm
by Matzestinkt
So what skills/equipment would you choose? I have tried Ice Storm and Rain of Fire which might indeed be able to kill them, but only with a hit&run tactics that gives them more than enough time to destroy the opponent's monument, and without taking into account that the necromancer himself might also interfere with some spells.
Killing them with a combat avatar should also take too long. You have to kill more than 100 before they destroy the monument! I'm not sure how long they need for that, but it's probably less than a minute.

Re: Necromancy heavily overpowered?

Posted: Sat Jan 25, 2014 9:02 pm
by mordo
A Mind mage will make short work of anything a Necromancer can bring.

1] The Mind Warrior: make HC 15, no sub-skill, make LC 2 for Blessing, again no sub-skill,
and make Defensive 13, Enchantment 15, Offensive 15.

Now pick up Mirror lv 15 spell, Meditation 13, manashield 13, and Shock & area hypno 15.
Also pick up Hirinstaff !
Now proceed to summon mirror copies of yourself, wielding the mighty Hirinstaff,
an even larger army than he do, since mirrors doesnt require mana upkeep either,
and each and every Hirin-wielding mirror warrior will beat the living hell outa whatever he summon.
Area hypno his Blades for the kicks, or shock-wave his spectres, have fun ;)

Another build is Mind mage lv 20 & Crossbow lv 10 skill,
you would then arm yourself with the ice crossbow from BoW, and summon lv 20 mirrors,
this mage will have a lethal lv 20 shock-wave against summons.

Another build you might try is Earth 20, Death 20, and Necro 20,
it is usually a choke-point somewhere, so Clay of feet the first pack, it will stop all,
and proceed with an Area pain + Extinct