SotP Coop Quest Guide

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SotP Coop Quest Guide

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In this thread you can find a walktrough for the Quests in the Free Game Mode of SotP.

General issues

There are 2 quests:
The eternal Song - Client: Nightsong (you can find her at the questplace map in the northeast of the city)
Harbinger of Darkness - Client: Toth Lar (you can find him in the southwest of the questplace map in the orc village)

All Quest run after the same model. You must get the Quest on the questplace, then you must go to the concerning Map and search that. At the map
you will find a special enemey. You must kill him and take the things from a chest which is next to the special enemey. For the Quest The eternal Song
you must often write down melodies. You can do this at the desk a bit northern from Nightsong at the questplace. You can get the Quests only in Single Player Free Game
but you can solve the quests also cooperative. All searched things you will find in chests (is not directly in the guide below).

Quest Walktrough

The eternal Song:

The first quest is to bring a message to Tana Songblade who is in Laragh. Tana is in the southeast of Laragh. Next to her ghost there is a chest.
Take the items in it and go back to Nightsong and tell her about it. Nightsong will ask you ton find the Melody of Deception. It can be found
in the northeast Norimar. You must put it down on the desk in the city on the questplace and then tell Nightsong about it. Now you must find the Melody of Nightfall.
It is in DraughNar in the east near to the Exit Portal. You must put it down on the desk in the city on the questplace and then tell Nightsong about it.
As new quest you will get to look for Rigour Mortis. He is in the south of Khalazhar not really full of life. In the chest you can find his bag. After that talk with Nightsong.
After that you have to talk with Castagir who is near her. He says that there must be another melody in Lordraine. You can find the Song of the Betrayer in the North next to the Exit Portal in a chest.
You must put it down on the desk in the city on the questplace and then tell Nightsong about it. The last part of the song is in Hazimar.
The Melody of the Messenger is in a chest in the west. Take care because there is a very big enemey in front of it. Now you must go to talk to Nightsong.

Harbinger of Darkness:

At the beginning you must rescue for Toth Lar his father Nazshar from his grave in Tirganach. It is in the southeast. There you can find his pieces.
Toth Lar now wants to awake his father back to life. So he needs the Scroll of the Spellbreaker. It is in the southeast of Erindar. After you bring the spell to
Toth Lar he will awake Nazshar. Now he wants to start his revenge. For it he needs a Portal Stone. It can be found in the northwest of Arundale in the chest next to the Exit Portal.
After you had a talk with Naszhar about it he wants a Portalzauber. The only way to get it is trough the orc shaman Tarukh. He needs the blood of a lightchild.
You can find one in the sotheast of Orzach. After that he needs also the knowledge how such a spell is build. So you have to find a Dawn Mage. Such a guy
is in the south of Kathai next to an altar. Nazshar now has nearly everything for his revenge. The only thing which is left is a Shadow Crystal. It can be found in the
southwest of Anaduine. After you gave the Shadow Crystal to Nazshar the rest will be decided in the northwest of the Questplace. For this read the text below (Nightfall).

The quest Nightfall is not a real quest. When you have finished both Coop Quests, both clients, Naszhar & Nightsong, will meet in the northeast of the Questplace in front of the portal.
There the final showdown will take place and you can decide between the light and the dark side. The decision has nothing to do with the reward or the Avatar.

Quest Walktrough Maps:
The location of the quest item is marked with the green point from the avatar.
Location Map Quest "The eternal Song"
Location Map Quest "Harbinger of Darkness"

Teleport Coordinates for all questrelevant places:

All values which are in brackets are for the console command (open with CTRL + ]) Application:TeleportAvatar so that you directly teleport your avatar to the questrelevant location. So if there is (1,1) you must type into the console Application:TeleportAvatar (1,1). But remember that it will only work if you are already at the map.

Toth Lar (45,62)
Naszhar (46,52)
Tarukh (40,78)
Nightsong (200,151)
Desk (198,157)
Castagir (200,149)

The eternal Song:
Coop_31_Laragh: Tana Songblade (418,215)
Coop_34_Norimar: Melody of Deception (438,397)
Coop_37_DraughNar: Melody of Nightfall (451,271)
Coop_39_Khalazhar: Rigour Mortis (255,130)
Coop_42_Lordraine: Song of the Betrayer (316,412)
Coop_44_Hazimar: Melody of the Messenger (393,273)

Harbinger of Darkness:
Coop_33_Tirganach: Nazshars grave (388,83)
Coop_36_Erindar: Scroll of the Spellbreaker (186,55)
Coop_38_Arundale: Portal Stone (168,357)
Coop_40_Orzach: Bloodfilled Vial (Lightchild) (443,139)
Coop_43_Kathai: Quills of Memory (255,141)
Coop_45_Anaduine: Shadow Crystal (149,178)
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