Darkwind Keep bug

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Darkwind Keep bug

Post by rupuzioks » Mon Nov 28, 2011 5:51 pm

info from old forum:
Hi, i need help.

When I appeared at the Darkwind Keep, I went south, activating the southern monuments first and with the help of the elves cleared the whole map. Except the area behind the great door to the south. Now this door won't open.

I read somewhere Alya is the one to trigger the southern door to open. I also read she was supposed to come to my aid through the portal to Kathai in the north but she never appeared. I cleared the map first, then opened the door to the northern portal to Kathai, and she didn't come...

Perhaps i should open the gate to the portal to Kathai first and then start cleaning the map?

Can anybody help me please? How can the door to the south be opened?

Hi & Welcome!

Yeah, she should come through the portal in the north. To activate it you should kill all enemies in the north. Maybe there is something left which you should do. So check your questlog. If there is nothing left you need a quickfix. Send a request to [PHE] Mortannon by PM.

To open the gate in the south you need also a quickfix:
Open Console (CTRL + SHIFT + ])


-parentheses, ENTER

SetGlobalFlagTrue{Name = "g_P211BladesCampOstDestroyed"}
-braces here; no line breaks, ENTER
SetGlobalFlagTrue{Name = "g_P211EchsenCampOstDestroyed"}
SetGlobalFlagTrue{Name = "g_P211BladesCampWestDestroyed"}
SetGlobalFlagTrue{Name = "g_P211EchsenCampWestDestroyed"}
SetGlobalFlagTrue{Name = "g_P211_KathaiFallenEin"}
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