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Re: Mods discussions

Post by mordo » Wed Jun 27, 2012 11:40 pm

I just completed SotP with BM almighty :)
It was a struggle without any crowd control spell like clay until lv 48,
but after that it was really great, both the nightmare caves and the Soulforger & co
was easier than anything before.
It become somewhat of a 1-trick pony since it has no crowd control and need
at least 2 different cannibalize, this is the build where cannibalize shine,
the only thing i couldn't do quite easily was taking out BELIAL, -i had to get help from heroes.
This build shine vs blockades.
All in all, a tuff ride to lv 48, and then Demi-God status ;)

I had BM all 20, HC6 LC2 WM6, healing is rather important.
This gamedata rocks, it need no adjustment,
except perhaps even more improved aura lifetap at earlier lv.

I'm just gonna test ride the new gamedata, but have some ideas,
on rain of stone i guess it isnt possible to make the stones more powerful,
so the other way to scale is by reducing mana cost.

I'd also like to test out the 5000 HP stone spell but at 200 mana and Earth 20 req.
And ice could use the ice spell, also at 200 mana & ice 20 req.

Perhaps only 2 spears is needed, lv 13 & 17 (with ice wave), since he already got Hirin at lv 15.

My inet suck so was just lucky to download, or even connect.
Thanks for mod i'll test it.

Oh, and the Invincible has a fair bit more than 10.000 HP,
super extinct wouldnt work on him until a bunch of blades had taken down his HP.
He had around 1/3 HP left when my extinct took out around 6500 HP.

And the Shadow King is Powerful !!!
For some reason he was named Shadow king, but when i tested in your new gamedata on
coop cool it was the Guardian, he also has over 10.000 HP and tuff like hell.

And i like the new coop cool map, it isn't as tiresome as the original to actually complete it,
have to ponder where Zarach & the others will fit in SotP story wise 8-)
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Re: Mods discussions

Post by rupuzioks » Thu Jun 28, 2012 4:33 pm

there is guardian of the shadow king (renamed slith) and the shadow king (renamed ring guardian)

I guess Zarach could fit at CoS where other mummies are :)

now I'm working on something really amazing, I'll upload results as long as I finish it :)

EDIT: this gamedata file is for test, those units can't be changed at all, I'll try to find other not implemented units to change
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Re: Mods discussions

Post by mordo » Fri Jun 29, 2012 11:13 am

....And what might that be ? :)

And i think i might have gotten the memory wrong,
it WAS the guardian i fought,
and boy is he tuff !
he beat up 40 mirrors like there was nothing to it,
he also has over 10.000 HP.
What's his stats ?

Anyway i'm really happy with the black almighty spell,
it gives a clue what would be with another few levels in an imaginary add-on.
It also happen to fit perfectly as continuing with my ole fave from TOoD,
i just need to improve aura lifetap 13-17 to make it enjoyable at beginning of SotP.
(OTOH i guess there should be a price to pay for that wonder spell)
Hopefully there will be any use of Curse.

Also happy that Cloak of Nor only require any BM 20, so my earth/death build can
put it to good use.
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