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Post by rupuzioks » Sat Nov 10, 2012 12:13 pm

I'm planning to create a modpack - my own map with unique gamedata file

it will work: map ONLY for that gamedata; gamedata ONLY for that map, so I'll have more freedom changing gamedata file

I have one idea in mind:

to create 4 dragons impossible to kill with present gear; there will be chests, guarded by some enemies (maybe bossies), which contain new summoning spells to summon gods, needed to kill those dragons

dragons will be: ancient dragon of winter; ancient dragon of autumn; ancient dragon of summer; ancient dragon of spring

they will have: Elen's might spell; new area pain spell with 5000 dmg; new rain of fire spell dmg as flames of niethalf's forge spell; mirror spell

each dragon will guard other items: legendary ring of the ancient dragons; Lance of the kings; ancient dragonscale armor; helmet of the demigods

it will need to defeat last new boss: The Elder of Fial dargs/The prime Fial darg

it will be freegame map

feel free to share your idea :)
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