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Subquest Checklist

Post by rupuzioks » Fri Nov 25, 2011 4:59 pm

Subquest Checklist:

(The quest name is listed first, then the activator, then the place where the person is found and last a note)


Magical Artefacts --- Talk to Gabar --- Near Sartarius
Dwarf Services --- Talk to Hinrik --- South of Greyfell near the portal to the Northern Windwalls --- (Can also be activated by talking to Cronvig in the Southern Windwalls)
The Tooth Crusher's Pliers --- Talk to Seno --- Near the portal to Farlorn’s Hope
Black Yew Tree --- Talk to Zarim --- Under the HQ of the Order of Dawn (available after Rohen’s dead)
Echoes --- Talk to Sandor --- On the left path in Greyfell above the entrance (available after Rohen’s dead)
Shadow World --- Talk to Castagir --- In Greyfell near some merchants in the south (available after Rohen’s dead)
The Sick Hermit --- Talk to the Sick Hermit --- Under the farmer village (available after Rohen’s dead)
Amra and Lea --- Talk to Orthanc --- Near the portal to Farlorn’s Hope (available after Rohen’s dead)
Soulstones --- Talk to Orthanc --- Near the portal to Farlorn’s Hope (available after Rohen’s dead)
Blood --- Talk to Adhira --- On the left side of of Greyfell above the entrance (available after Godwall)


Small Fish --- Talk to Tyrgar --- Near a river in mid-west Liannon
The Ghost of the Mine --- Talk to Brok --- west of Liannon
From the Deep --- Talk to Brok --- west of Liannon (The Ghost have to be completed first in order to trigger this quest)
Klingzog's Leggins --- Find Klingzog’s Leggins --- North of Liannon near a broken bridge (You must have completed the Shiel’s main quest first)


The Last of the Archers --- Talk to Sidahan --- On the start of the map
The Free Traders --- Talk to Jenquai --- Near a gate on the south part of the map
Stardust --- Talk to Shadira --- South of the gate to the Beastmen land
The Dream Snatcher --- Talk to Istur Ash --- In the beastmen camp
The Wound Tincture --- Talk to Swerdis --- In the Elf settlement


Head Hunt --- Find a head --- Found on 5 unique enemies on this map
The Hostages --- Talk to Sinwen --- North of map next to a human monument
Spellwork --- Talk to Sinwen --- North of map next to a human monument

<The Shiel>

The Purple Banner --- Talk to Lord Commander Tynar --- In the settlement or the fortress

<Wildland Pass>

The Old Man and the Music --- Talk to the Spider Master --- South of the Elf monument
Master of the Spiders --- Talk to Markwart Storme --- In town of Skye (You should complete the Old man and the Music quest first or you won’t be able to do that quest anymore)
Delicate Fabric --- Show Silk of the Spider Master to Calina in village of Skye (You must have completed Master of the Spiders first in order to do this quest)

<Frost Marshes>


<Northern Windwalls>


<Southern Windwalls>

Earthblade --- Talk to Skarvig Ironbeard --- In dwarf town
The Bigger They Are --- Talk to Lorderic --- In dwarf town
Predator's Fur --- Find predators fur --- Beastmen camp south of farmers
White Shadow --- Find Tinara’s cup --- In a Troll camp
Dragon Armor --- Find Drakeling Scales --- Far northeast of map

<Stoneblade Mountain>

A Poison Dwarf --- Talk To Tworsnik --- next to a house near some lenya patches
Big Trouble --- Talk to Kraga --- Far northeast corner of the map

<Greydusk Vale>

Trickster --- Talk to Flint McWinter --- In fortress of the Order
Traitors --- Talk to Morton --- In fortress of the Order

<Howling Mounds>

Homunculus --- Examine the figure --- North of the map



<The Godwall>

Gwen's Medicine --- Talk to Sunder --- He will show up after clearing his village of Wolves
Wolfsign --- Get Wolfsign --- Found in Godwall and Farlorn’s Hope



<Farlorn's Hope>

Thar --- Rigour --- On the trade post
The Cataract --- Talk to Thom --- Red Legion HQ
Stonecrusher --- Talk to Brok --- Briarwolves HQ

<The Rift>


<Southern Godmark>


<Nightwhisper Dale>


<Breathing Forest>



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