Nevershade: Blacksmith's quest--altars

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Nevershade: Blacksmith's quest--altars

Post by CasusBelli » Tue Jan 31, 2012 12:54 am

In Nevershade, i have found the 3 lost items to break the curse pace when the blacksmith stole the sacred items, but now where are the altars to make the magic happen? That is, I have found one altar in the left part of the map of Nevershade, east by northeast of the portal to Frostfall where I entered NS. But I have spent hours looking for the other two altars, described by the walkthrough as being near "the beginning of the map", the other "east of the elf monument in the north." I can't find either.
The w/t states, rather cryptically, 'to complete this side quest, you must leave the map and reenter in it. It means at the end of the campaign.' Huh? left the map and returned without changes.
I could use a little direction on this, please. I spent too much time already looking all over both sides on NS's map without a clue to the two lost altars.
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Re: Nevershade: Blacksmith's quest--altars

Post by mordo » Tue Jan 31, 2012 6:39 pm

Well it helps to use the command
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From memory,
1] just when you walk out of the area with human monument, close to iron but on other side of road
2] just north of the first dark elf camp
3] i think this one was just north of the last dark elf camp

2 & 3 are kinda up on a mountain
They are all white and square shaped
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