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 Post Posted: Sun Feb 19, 2012 10:05 pm 
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At the endgame and let's get it over.
What is the best way to get the fire crystals? Camp at the mine sites, killing the dragons until a miner shows up, then getting a fire crystal? Trying to accompany a miner with crystal (they glow when they have one) to the home base to get a crystal? This seems like one of those cash and carry quests that is a time waster. I just want to get to the end game. Hours spent chasing one of these little miners is frustrating, not fun.

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 Post Posted: Mon Feb 20, 2012 12:25 am 
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On this map i use only myself & heroes.
First of all there are around 3 dragons already in the center so kill them at once, use UnExplored command if you wish to have a better view.

The heroes i place all of them straight to the right from the hero monument, (not up, but rather a bit down and then right until there is a small trail split just a little before a spawn,
this way they are blocking the dragons either way. (stand a bit before the split so the spawn dont see your heroes)

With myself, i go down below the dwarf monument, pretty much in front of a 'fire crystal mine' where the dragons from the 3 southern spawns use to go, some will try to sneak by into the center and if so, -run them down and go back to your post.

Once the dwarves delivered a fire crystal, i attack from left to right each of the southern spawns and press on the stone to stop the spawn, start with left then go up to my post and wait until another crystal in inventory, take middle, then last to right.

When the last of the southern spawns end, run straight up and greet a lv 27 dragon coming around,
then take up position with your avatar just north of the hero monument, wait for another fire crystal, and take each spawn one by one to right again.

With all the small spawn stopped, 3 big spawn remain to left, i guard one big dragon spawn with the hero team, while i attack each spawn with avatar and end them too.

With all spawn ended there will be a counterattack, so i suggest take your team in front of hero monument for that.

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