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 Post subject: Re: BoW items
 Post Posted: Wed Dec 14, 2011 11:15 pm 
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I wanted to open all the chests in the Norcaine city, but I failed. To many coins needed, and I really don't know how to add more to my inventory (the curiosity is killing me), so I'll just have to play it ass it is, allthough I do have some great stuff till now.
I'm lvl. 11 LCA with lvl. 11 LB and lvl. 11 LA and lvl. 9 Elementalist lvl 9 Ice. A kind of mashed patatoes with butter knifes and icecream. Killing my way in the Abyss.
Gonna start SotP ( never played it, first time for BoW also) and go for black magic. Any advice on that?

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 Post subject: Re: BoW items
 Post Posted: Thu Dec 15, 2011 4:17 am 
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On the chests:
1] place one of your heroes close to a chest
2] walk away a bit with your avatar from the chest
3] turn your avatar towards the chest, then scroll/zoom down to 3rd person perspective
(when you see the back of your avatar)
4] now move your cursor over the chest, and you will get the green ring around the chest,
now you can loot that chest.

On SotP, one BM build that turn out to work well is defensive-12/NECRO-20/ICE-18,
priority is pump up NECRO lv, and upgrade ICE when there is any ability points left.
up to 17/18 use spectres, and after lv 17/18 to 20 use blades, and by all means buff them with death grasp.
How to use it ?
Typically keep 8 spectres/blades, and support them with ice wave,
if you face a large army, summon more, and support with area freeze if you have

Another build that works well is the earth-death combo.
Here Earth should have priority, then Death, then Necro. Eventually all will have skill 20
How to use it ?
Earth magic from skill 13 has clay of feet, (an entire mob can't take a single step for 1 min 45 sec) so you cast clay of feet, then pestilence everyone, then move on.
High lv monsters are not affected by either clay of feet or pestilence, (a lv 13 spell works up to lv 26 monster, a lv 20 spell works up to lv 45 monster)
So here you will use Petrify that will stone the large monster 30 sec, then cast death & suicide death spells on it until it drop.
But when you are lv 50, it may work out better to have a couple of blade lv 20 buffed with death grasp instead of petrify.

Here is some saves ready for SotP import

Der Hölle Rache kocht in meinem Herzen

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