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 Post subject: Empyria walkthrough
 Post Posted: Tue Nov 15, 2011 1:30 am 
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Here is the order i do Empyria after i brought Flink to Alyah,
take note she wear Shadowpulse armor, it look identical !

West route to bazaar:

1st lower west gate, talk to the guard,Praijos, go back talk to Flink,
and he will distract the guard so you can open the gate.

2nd west gate to bazaar, talk to lyrio Forrel at the temple of light,
then go down and talk to the blind monk Jarim,
buy all brandy and one bottle of wine from wine merchant Borus near entrance to lower town,
then go down to district of the poor, talk with the two rouge Apothecaries,
remind them of a reward to get a discount,
and them talk with them againand demand in harsh words to get more dreamsand,
kill hem and get pickpocket skill, then go back to the monk and then to Lyrio
and you will get a robe, wearing that robe when you talk to the guard at the last gate,
Shamziro will open the gate.

Central route to bazaar:

Central gate to bazaar, talk with a girl Jyla in town, she tells you to get her husband back,
go to central gate, talk with the guard Endo, and then go get a brooch by killing the frogs,
when he get the ring he will leave, open gate.

East route to bazaar:

Gate to circus, insult the guards Tak and slay them, open the gate.
2nd east gate, talk to the guard Jarod, accept to fight for him in circus arena, and he will open the gate.

From bazaar there is two more gates:

West gate: listen to the guards whining over water, click on the 2nd table just west of the gate
and you just placed a bottle of brandy on the table (altho quest says wine)
walk away a bit and when the guards goes to get drunk, open gate.

East gate: go near the gate and you will learn that Boron's major wife Sahra (mia jai)
is having a minor husband, (poa noi) Naras, go gossip bout it for Boron and he will
pick a fight with Naras, and when he does, open gate.

Last gate in north-west that leads to Dryad:

If you have a very powerful avatar, talk to the guard 3 times and you will get to fight all 6-7
lv 45 guards, be prepared for a tough fight.

Otherwise, take the small path just before that last gate,
fight a couple of dogs, go through a small crack in the wall and you just have to take the key in chest and go through the portal.

[#] before entering the arena, i do this way, because i have the impression Nandini is more likely
to offer the zerbite.
Talk to the lady Tuomi below Uzakhan about zerbite stuff, save, then quicksave,
turn around and talk with Nandini, if she offer zerbite, buy it,
if not, quickload and talk with Nandini, repeat until she sell zerbite.
When i bought zerbite, save, turn around and tell the lady i got a zerbite,
she gives me another one, save again.

Talk to Shazam about missing girls, and talk to Commander Ishtar, make sure to ask everything written in yellow,
go south of the city and get a bankrobbery quest, give Ishtar dreamdust and give brandy to Uzakhan for exp,
just remember keep 1 of each for the western gates if they aren't open yet.
Also fight Uzakhan in arena for exp.

In bazaar: talk with Weasel & Zanzabar, tell them the other guy says good things about them to activate a quest, talk to barbadar for another quest, and talk with Niam for zerbite weapon/shield.

Oh, later after red wastes, talk to the Puppet master near low west gate for another quest, and you access the right upper wing of palace, and do tell Shazam about missing girls.

1] Ring of dragon hunters is carried by a woman dressed in brown/red/white in lower town.
2] Scull coin carried by a woman in a fur jacket look a like, in lower town.
3] Cap of dragon hunter carried by a man dressed in green/yellow/white in Bazaar.
4] Puppet of mentor is carried by woman in brown dress, lower city
5] Puppet of trickster is carried by a woman in white dress, lower city

Also: there are a couple of useful heroes for sale by a merchant just below Niamh the hirinstaff fixer, a lv 30 skill WM 12 aurahealer,
and a HC warrior lv 32 skill HC 12.

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