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 Post subject: The Circle of Guardian
 Post Posted: Sun Jul 15, 2012 9:49 pm 
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Hirin, The Rider
    Stands for wind, storm, course of time, transitoriness, freedom.
    Soul carrier, dream messenger
    Called by: all peoples (death messenger, dream), nomads
    Signs: a lonely rider, the hour-glass, a black horse, the falcon, the wolf

Niethalf, The Smith
    Stands for forging and construction handicraft, hardness, strength, courage, war.
    World smith, master of the eternal hearth, master of the fight.
    Called by: all light peoples (warrior), main god of the dwarves
    Signs: an armoured smith, hammer, anvil, the bear, the eagle, moon silver, steel

Elen, The Lonely One
    Stands for nature, inshore waters, rain, fog, mystery, wisdom, silence, healing, art, Rainwoman, fog weaver, singer at the river
    Called by: all light peoples (nature/farmer, healing), main goddess of the elves
    Signs: a slim woman with long white hair, white female wolf, the owl, the yew

Zerbo, The Fiddler
    Stands for cunning, deception, trade, music, dexterity, thief art, Fiddler, the entertainer in the mirror, rag prince, snow-white fool
    Called by: humans (thieves, entertainers), traders, gypsies
    Signs: a lonely fiddler, black cat, the crow, a mask, the fencer, a black-haired youth, a fool with snow-white hair

Shanna, The Weaver
    Stands for business, home, health, family, healing, softness, Mother, Sister, The Good-natured One, The Gentle Hand
    Called by: humans (goddess of the people, healing), craftsman, farmer
    Signs: the woman at the loom, a grey cat, the pigeon, the oak

Ereon, The Scribe
    Stands for knowledge, education, medicine, research, neutrality, justice, Master of the book, the mediator, protector of the Arcanes, the fair one
    Called by: all light peoples (scholar, sorcerer), judges
    Signs: the writer, the feather, the scales, the book and the sword, the raven, the man in grey or white robe

Tiara, The Dancer
    Stands for the sun, vitality, light, the good, hope, internal strength, warmth, fire, passion, Dancing flame, heaven guardian, the golden one, the radiant one
    Called by: all light peoples, (sun, the good), main goddess of humans (after Aonir).
    Signs: one gold decorated dancer, the flame, the sun, a circle, gold

Nor, The Silver Weaver, The Silent One
    Stands for moon, night, silent, sleep, forgetting, cold
    Sees itself now as knowledge, clarity, power, truth, master of the night
    Earlier called: master silver crescent, the silver one, the cold eye
    Of his current followers: master of the night, the only seeing, silver weaver
    Called by: all dark peoples (knowledge), main god of the dark elves
    Signs: a black dressed sabre fighter, the moon, the crescent, cold salt water, a silver net, a silver spider, silver

Zarach, The Growing (Earlier Ulm, The Welfare Worker)
    Stood for: growth, variety, animals and creatures
    Sees itself now as creator, innovator, growing, conqueror.
    Earlier called: World tree, the multicolour
    Of his current followers: the claw, drinker of the world blood, the dark storm, iron root, blood fire.
    Called by: main god of the orcs and trolls.
    Signs: the red claw, the black root, fire, blood, iron, a claw-shaped tree without branches

Tempus et vita, tempus et mortis

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