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The Circle

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The Circle is a name given to the 13 most powerfull mages of all time, also called the Circle Mages. If you have played Spellforce - The Order of Dawn, you already met Rohen, and later on Hokan Ashir, who also makes an appearance in Spellforce - Breath of Winter and Spellforce - Shadow of the Phoenix. Hokan was the sorcerer of death, fighting Uram the Red, mage of fire.

List of Circle mages

Rohen, mage of Ice. He helps out the character in Spellforce - The Order of Dawn. Darius Servil gave him the power to create portals when he was young. He tried to make a time portal to end the Convocation in a different way. When he grows older, he suddenly understands that what he did was wrong, and tries to stop the younger Rohen, resulting in his death. He got killed by the young Rohen, also known as The Dark One, at the Frost Marches. In Spellforce - Shadow of the Phoenix, he has been resurrected by Hokan Ashir, with the Elixir of Life.

Hokan Ashir , mage of Death. Hokan is the most powerful necromancer ever. In the Convocation Wars his main opponent was Uram the Red. Towards the end of this war, Hokan created his most powerful weapon, creatures of black steel who became known as the "Blades". In Spellforce - The Order of Dawn, the player must find two halves of a mask, the "Mask of Belial" which must be given to the ghos of Hokan Ashir in Whisper. Hokan, being a necromancer is even in death always haunted by the ghosts of those whom he has damned to undead live and the masks silences their voices. After that, the player does not see him again. In Spellforce - Breath of Winter, Hokan even helps the player, though he does not appear as "Hokan" but as "The Masked One" and no reference, except the mask he is wearing and his rune-magic, is made whom he actually is. But in Spellforce - Shadow of the Phoenix, he commands the Shadow Warrior to do his bidding and resurrect the Circle Mages. For the mask he wears was created by Belial, a demi-good and devote follower of Zarach, the Bloodgod. Wearing the mask, Belial's spirit gained power over Hokan and thus resurected him from death. Now Belial plans to use the power of the Circle Mages to re-etablish himself in the world and then use his own power to bring back the dark gods Zarach and Nor into the world. In the course of the story the player learns that Hokan was once a member of the mage order of the Zerbitians, and that in the dark jungles of Xu, he found the Bone Temple, a sanctuary dedicated to Zarach. In this temple he found Belial's mask and thus became the most powerful necromancer. When he returned into the mage order's stronghold he was changed in mind and killed the other Zerbitians. Their head, Ankthar he resurrected as a Lich-king and then he travelled northwards until he came to Nortander and there joined the Circle.

Uram the Red , mage of Fire. Uram was after the Phoenix Stone to get ultimate powers. Bad enough, Hokan was too. So, the two of them began a war. Though it seems that during the Convocation wars every mage was battling all others, the fighting between Hokan and Uram was the most terrible and all the lands around Mulandir were deserted in this war. Hokan using his army of Undead, and Uram conjured the demons. Hokan's undead hordes seemed unstoppable even by Uram's bloodthirsting demons, but Uram learned the true name of Ulather, a mighty demon, and thus gained conrol over huge demon hordes and eventually stemmed the tide, until Hokan created the Blades; against those not terrible creatues not even the Red Horde could withstand.

Raith the Black. He was burried in the City of Souls.

Iann/Ianna the Singer. She was burried in Blackwater Coast.

Silverhand the Master of Mirrors.

Yria of the Light.

Zahaar the Snake.

Undergast the Weaver.

Shar of the Isles. He came from the lost islands and brought the medusas under his control. Shar was killed by Undergast after the medusas abandoned him for binding the medusa Xyallah to a rune.

Gor the Changeling.

Isgrimm the Smith. Builder of Mulandir.

The Piper.
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