Darius Servil

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Darius Servil

Post by rupuzioks » Sat Oct 10, 2015 9:48 am

Darius Servil is a wise scholar. He is among the wisest people, who lives in Eo. He often travels a lot, not only through Northander, but also the northern and southern region of Eo, such as the land of Ice Elves in Tigarnach, or even to the distant land of Xu. He has met many interesting people on his journeys, and he is the closest friend to Rohen. Although being a bit cold and reserved, he will provide many essential information to you. Yet, he fooled others by his modest appearance and his acts as a scholar, for great mysteries lies within him. The mysteries that involved the Guardian's Circle.

In the Shadow of Phoenix we shall know that Darius was Ereon, the god-keeper of knowledge, who helped the nations of Eo in past.Because Aonir taught to his children to make no influence into the lifes of mortals, Ereon was cast down from the gods, because he wrote the book about the Convocation, and, after the tragedy, gave power of making portals to Rohen. He tried to stop Hokan Ashir/Unmasked, but failed and was caught and lately tortured by him, because Unmasked used his blood to ressurect his Circle's brothers to use their powers to conquer the world (they were controlled by Hokan). But Darius was freed by rune warriors, and after Hokan was killed by Phoenix,was forgiven and reurned to the Guardians.
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Re: Darius Servil

Post by Sherwan » Sun Apr 30, 2017 8:06 am

Apparently this is how Darius was supposed to look like. (The texture is named after him)